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Friday School Year Preschool Open Gym (10:30 - Noon) 

Our morning open gym sessions are open for children 6 and under and their parents to enjoy our facility.
Cost is $7/$5 members per child with a supervising parent.  Parents must remain out on the floor at the open gym session.   Infants and children not walking are admitted at no charge. (Car seats and strollers are not allowed out on the floor)

Summer Open Gym Schedule

05/24  12& Under

05/31    6& Under

06/07  12& Under

06/14    6& Under

06/21  12& Under

06/28    6& Under

07/05    CLOSED

07/12    6& Under

07/19  12& Under

07/26    6& Under

08/02 & 08/09 12& Under

Friday Family Open Gym (6:00pm - 7:30pm )  
Summer 5/24 - 8/9 
Closed 7/5

1. Adult supervision (18+) is required during Family Open Gym.

2. Payment for Family Open Gym will not be refunded/credited for any reason.

3. $7 for non-members, $5 for members.

4. Watch your children at all times. Please do not bring reading material, work, laptops, tablets, etc. with you. You are responsible for the safety of your children while they are in the gym.

5. Keep all clothing and personal items in the cubbies.

6. Please keep all food and drinks in the cubbies. We do not allow food, gum, or drinks of any kind in the gym. This includes water and baby bottles.

7. There is a changing table in the front bathroom.

8. Pit Rules: Do not throw children or objects (including mats) into the pit. Teach children to jump in feet first. Jumping onto other body parts can cause injury.

9. Safety Rules: Remember that some of the equipment is unfamiliar to your children. Keep a close eye on them when they are jumping down from heights, walking on a high balance beam, swinging on a bar, etc.

There is no rough play allowed in the gym. Remind older children to be cautious while playing around the younger children.

Adults are not allowed on the gymnastics equipment with the exception of the foam pit.

There is NO running allowed on the dark blue floor.

Private lessons, coaching, or spotting advanced skills are not permitted during any open gym. Apart from offering a hand to hold or a boost onto a piece of equipment, if a child cannot safely perform a skill on their own during an open gym, it should not be attempted and will not be allowed.

Certain skills and activities may be deemed off limits at the discretion of the staff members in charge.

10. The chalk, high bars, and rings, vault tables, and anything else with a sign


11. Mats should never be bent/folded. Doing so could cause damage to the equipment.

If you have questions, please talk to the person in charge. Thank you!


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