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Open Gym Participation Rules and Policies

Participation Policy

It is the policy of Manhattan Gymnastics Academy that anyone, regardless of age, entering the gymnastics area must be registered as a participant or accompanying adult and pay the appropriate fee for such participation.   The Manhattan Gymnastics Academy Registration Form must be signed by the PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN or the participant for participation in any Manhattan Gymnastics Academy activities.

PARTICIPANTS are defined as anyone entering the gymnastics area, regardless of age, with the intended purpose to utilize the facility and available equipment.  Age restriction for open gym, birthday parties, and special events are 0-12 years of age or currently enrolled in a Manhattan Gymnastics Academy class.

INFANTS are included in this category, as Manhattan Gymnastics Academy must take precautions to ensure a safe environment for all.  Providing a safe facility, quality supervision, and comprehensive industry insurance is mandatory regardless of a participant's age.

*Infant Policy:  Please be reminded that there is a risk associated with any gymnastics activity.  All participants who enter the gymnastics facility, including infants and adults, need to be aware of the risks associated with gymnastics equipment, uneven surfaces, and other participants.  An Open Gym is not an ideal setting for infants.  Before entering the facility with your infant, we ask that you be completely aware of all inherent risks associated with this activity.  A copy of our rules is available at the front desk at all times.  Children not yet walking are permitted into the facility at no charge if accompanied by a paying participant.  

ACCOMPANYING ADULTS are defined as adults 18 years of age or older, whether parents, relatives, temporary or permanent guardians, childcare providers, et al. Accompanying adults are allowed in the gym area during Manhattan Gymnastics Academy activities as supervisors only. Accompanying adults are allowed in the floor area only during specific times allowed by Manhattan Gymnastics Academy, but may not be on any equipment, with the exception of the floor and pit.   (See individual program brochures for specific program policies.)

Gym Rules

Our gym rules have been established with the main factor being the SAFETY of  all individuals utilizing our facility.

1. All individuals must be registered as a participant, accompanying adult, or visitor before entering the gym area.
2. All participants must have on file a signed Registration Form, or if under the age of 18, have the waiver signed by a PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN before admittance to any Manhattan Gymnastics Academy activity will be permitted.  Accompanying adults who enter the floor area must also have a Registration Form on file.  
3. Admittance to the gymnastics floor area is not permitted without a coach present.  
4. For insurance reasons and weight restrictions, adults, 23 years of age and older may NOT use the equipment.
5. Before entering the floor area, please remove shoes and jewelry.  Socks should be removed if entering the pit.  Gymnastics apparel is required.  Leotards, gym shorts, t-shirts, and sweats are permitted.  No shoes, jeans, belts, buttons or jewelry.  All personal items, including cell phones must be placed in a locker.  We are not responsible for any personal items.
6. Participants, accompanying adults, and visitors must follow all posted rules throughout the gym area.
7. Gym supervisors have the ultimate decision on interpretation and enforcement of gym rules and policies.
8. Following the safety rules on each piece of gymnastics equipment is required.  Participants should not utilize any equipment until they have familiarized themselves with all safety rules of Manhattan Gymnastics Academy.  Each piece of gymnastics equipment has a specific purpose.  Please use the equipment as it is intended.  Ask a coach for assistance if necessary.
9. Never attempt to perform any skill on any piece of equipment, on the floor, or into the pit, which you do not have the necessary skills to execute properly.
10. Running can cause accidents, which leads to injuries.  Please walk at all times and be especially careful on the concrete floors, on the stairs, and around any piece of gymnastics equipment.
11. Limit of 1 person at a time on any equipment, unless under direct supervision of a coach.
12. The pit looks soft and fluffy but safety rules must be followed!  Watch carefully before entering the pit to make sure the area you plan to land in is clear of other people.  When entering the pit only land on your feet, back, or bottom, never your head or neck or in an arched position.  Do not push or throw people into the pit.  Never bury yourself in the pit as you could be jumped on, which could result in injury.  No tearing of the pit blocks.  Pit blocks are to remain in the pit at all times.  
13. One person at a time on the trampoline and tumbltrak.  Following the proper direction on the tumbltrak is essential for safety of the gymnasts.  Parents may not assist younger children in bouncing.
14.  The gymnastics floor area is to be used for gymnastics and tumbling activities only.  Cheer stunting of any kind is not allowed.
15. The preschool bars, beams, and play areas are for gymnasts age 7 and under only.
16. Balls or other throwing items are not allowed in the gym unless part of the class curriculum.
17. Personal play items are not allowed in the gymnastics floor area.
18. No swinging on the rings or ropes.
19. Food, including candy, gum, and drinks, are allowed in our upstairs viewing area only, NEVER in the gym area.
20. Alcohol and smoking and open flames of any kind are prohibited on Manhattan Gymnastics Academy property.
21. No wrestling, tackling, fighting or roughhouse play is allowed.  
22. Profanity or any inappropriate language or verbal abuse is not allowed at Manhattan Gymnastics Academy.
23. Visitor viewing area is located in the upstairs area only.  Check with the office for special accommodations.
24. Visitors, for safety reasons, it is essential to refrain from speaking with gymnasts or coaches during classes.  If you need to speak with your child during class time, contact the office personnel.
25. For the safety of our gymnasts, flash photography is not allowed during any Manhattan Gymnastics Academy activity.  Videotaping is allowed on a case-by-case basis, with prior authorization of Manhattan Gymnastics Academy personnel.
26. Gymnasts share part of the burden of ensuring safety and managing risk by appreciating the risk of the activities, respecting supervision, dressing appropriately, controlling personal grooming, checking apparatus and equipment, checking personal equipment, communicating clearly, being prepared to participate, mastering basic skills, knowing the skill, committing to the entire skill, and knowing your personal limitations.
27. Use of this facility means acknowledgment of these rules. These rules are not all inclusive. The main concern of Manhattan Gymnastics Academy is the safety of our gymnasts. Therefore, Manhattan Gymnastics Academy reserves the right to limit the use of this
facility to any person, which includes participants, accompanying adults, and visitors, deemed to be a threat to the safety of our gymnasts or coaches.
28. While precautions have been made to ensure a safe facility, you are entering and using the Gymnastics Plus facility at your own risk.

Always think SAFETY!

The following PIT rules have been established to allow everyone to
"explore the possibilities...experience the fun!"

1. Please be aware that the pit is hard to maneuver.  Keep that in mind before entering.
2. Always remove socks before entering the pit.  Objects in pockets may fall out.  We are not responsible for lost personal items.
3. Always check the pit before entering.  Do not enter the pit if other people are in your way.  
4. Enter the pit one at a time.
5. Always land in the pit.  If you miss the pit, it cant keep you from getting injured.
6. Watch carefully when you jump to avoid hitting others already in the pit.
7. Always move out of the way immediately when other people are ready to enter the pit.
8. Use safe landing positions, feet, bottom, or back.  Never head first, chest, or stomach or in an arched position.
9. Flips are not allowed without a coachs knowledge, consent, and presence.
10. Horseplay is not permitted.  Do not throw pit cubes at others.
11. Do not bury yourself or your friends under the pit cubes.
12. Do not make holes in the pit area.
13. Do not tear the pit cubes.  This can cause pit dust.
14. Keep the pit cubes in the pit at all times.  Please replace any foam you see
outside the pit.
15. Make sure the pit is fluffed before attempting any skill into the pit.
16. Re-fluff the pit regularly and whenever holes occur or the foam is packed down.
17. When climbing the cargo net, don't climb beyond the designated spot.  You must climb back down.  Do not let go and fall back into the pit.
18. Do not attempt to perform any skill into the pit that you do not have the necessary skills to execute properly.

Always think SAFETY!

The following Trampoline/Tumbltrak rules have been established to allow everyone to "explore the possibilities...experience the fun!"

1. One at a time, unless under the knowledge and direct supervision of a coach.
2. Always walk on and off of the trampoline, slowly and carefully.
3. Learn how to freeze and stop bouncing.
4. Maintain proper control while bouncing.  Stay in the middle of the trampoline while bouncing.  
5. If there is a waiting line for use of the trampoline, please limit your turn to no longer than 1 minute.
6. NO FLIPS ALLOWED, unless under the knowledge and direct supervision of a coach.
7. Follow the direction of the Tumbletrak set up by the supervising coach.
8. Wait for your turn on the Tumbltrak until the person in front of you has exited the pit or landing mat.
9. Exit the pit area to the designated area, not to the side of the tumble strip.
10. Proper progressions are important.  Execute only those skills you are capable of performing.

Always think SAFETY!

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