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Developmental Team

The Developmental Training Team program is by invitation only and is designed to provide an opportunity to young girls showing potential to become competitive in gymnastics. Girls are placed on the Developmental Training Team by coach recommendation or through an evaluation process. This honor is reserved for students who show an above average ability and an extraordinary enthusiasm for the sport of gymnastics.   

Participation in the Developmental Training Team program will allow development of greater strength, flexibility, and skills that may lead to future participation in gymnastics competitions. While skills are a big factor, the childs desire to learn becomes an even bigger factor. This program gives us the chance to see how the girls respond to greater expectations of time, effort, good behavior, etc. It is important that future gymnasts have the necessary basics to learn upper level skills safely and properly. This path is not right for all kids, and that is okay. The level of commitment required to participate in competitive gymnastics is greater than in recreational gymnastics. The time and financial commitment is one that may not be right for all families. Participation in the Developmental Training Team starts with a lower level of commitment. This allows parents and coaches to determine whether or not competitive gymnastics is a good fit prior to making a more serious commitment.

Girls who become bored or simply do not enjoy learning gymnastics with high attention to detail, after a time, may be placed in an appropriate recreational class.  The emphasis of this program is on the development of the gymnastics skills and desires of the young gymnasts, not the dreams of their parents.

Participation in the Developmental Training Program is by no means an automatic path or right to the Manhattan Gymnastics Academy competitive team. However, the Developmental Training Team Program does give many girls the opportunity to see if competitive gymnastics is a good fit for them. This program also provides a base for strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, and discipline that will benefit these young athletes in other sports and activities now and in the future. This program will focus heavily on proper technique in very basic skills, building strength and flexibility in the early years when it the easiest to accomplish, and foster discipline which is crucial to upper level gymnastics.

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